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Communicate Intentionally

Transform your work relationships, resolve conflicts, and speak with honesty and confidence

The sustainability of an organization depends on the overall well-being of the people within it.

Our mission is to help organizations, employees, and individuals thrive by teaching them how to communicate more intentionally within the workplace and with their clients. By bringing more awareness to how we communicate, we can alleviate stress and create a more inclusive company culture.


What is Intentional Communication?

To become an effective communicator in the workplace, at home, within your most important relationships, requires much more than just knowing how to listen and how to speak. Right now most people see communication in isolation, as something that requires a course on listening, speaking, effective communication skills, but then find that no matter how many courses they’ve done nothing sticks. The reason is because communication is a wholistic process, it’s actually a practice. What sets my work apart from other communication coaches and consultants is that I believe communication is a mind and body practice.

So taking one course here and other there isn’t going to help you become a more effective communicator, but what will is learning a practice of communication: the Kane Intentional Communication™ practice.

Speak Intentionally in a Kind and Honest Fashion

Intentional communication™ is speaking in a kind, honest, and helpful way. It’s being deliberate and conscious with your language, being concise and clear. It is a practice that helps you become less reactive in your interactions and more responsive, where you speak and others can hear you, and where you know how to navigate difficult interactions with ease.

Just think about what your communication at work could look like if you were 5% more intentional with your language? Or how your relationships at home would change if you were 5% more intentional with your communication?

Imagine being at work and instead of shutting down and not expressing yourself, you shared easily and confidently, knowing that what you had to say was valuable and necessary. Or maybe you’ve been told you’re too direct, so imagine sharing your thoughts and expressing your opinions and it doesn’t come across as harsh or mean, instead it’s easy for the other person to hear and understand.

Think about if you run away from confrontational situations, what would it be like to be able to stay in the room, access yourself in the moment and have a conversation, knowing you can navigate whatever the interaction is.

The Power of Kane Intentional Communication™

Kane Intentional Communication™ is a combination of mindful communication (paying attention to the language you’re using while you’re using it with a non-judgmental friendly attention), non-violent communication (connecting your heart to your tongue), and what I call self-responsible communication (taking 100% responsibility for your words, actions, reactions, facial expressions).

To know if you’re speaking in an intentional way, ask yourself, is what I’m about to say true? Is what I’m about to say kind? Is what I’m about to say helpful? Is what I’m about to say necessary? If the answer is yes to all these questions, then you know you’re speaking intentionally and what you’ll see from your efforts is how effective it truly is.


Human Leadership

How You See Yourself

What our clients say

“This powerful program has uprooted my negative self-talk. I am no longer trapped by judgment and toxic shame. The program has taught me how to tame my mind with self-compassion and honesty. I have stopped lying about my needs and have developed the courage to ask for help.”