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Cynthia Kane is the CEO and Founder of the Kane Intentional Communication™ Institute, LLC, a communication institute for professionals that provides a holistic approach to effective communication. Cynthia uses her proprietary process called the Kane Intentional Communication™ Practice to help individuals interact in a more kind, honest, and helpful way. 

Cynthia isn’t like other communication coaches out there. The whole narrative of her life shifted when her first love passed away unexpectedly in 2011. He was 32.

The minute it happened, her life changed forever. She was a blank canvas, empty.

Out of her loss came this need, desire, to feel good, to feel cared for. But no matter how much other people tried to nurture her, they couldn’t.

Little-by-little, she realized that the only person who could take care of her, make her a priority, make her feel good, was herself. She had to undo alot of what she had been taught and if she wanted to change the way she lived in the world she was going to have to change the way she interacted with it. This meant shifting the way she interacted with herself, others, and in turn the world.

She had to learn how to communicate differently to lead a more empowered life. And she created a practice of communication to do just that.

Now, what she wants to do is give you the same opportunity. She wants to help you learn how to take care of who you are by paying attention to how you speak in your career, relationships, life!  Because you deserve it.

She is the author of How to Communicate like a Buddhist, Talk to Yourself like a Buddhist, and How to Meditate like a Buddhist, and was named by Yahoo as the #2 Communication Coach to watch in 2021. She and her work have been featured in national and international publications including Spirituality & Health Magazine, Self Magazine, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, The Washington Post, Woman’s Day, BBC Travel, Refinery29, Mind Body Green and more. She has been a featured mindfulness and meditation expert on Great Day Washington, Good Morning Arizona, Good Morning Connecticut, and All About Women – WENG RADIO. Podcasts she’s been featured on: Gold with Jeanette Schneider, Inner Light Project, What Matters Most, The Lit Up Lightworker, Mindful Communication, TheFutur, Sexy Soulful Success, Office Hours.  

Cynthia has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bard College and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College. She is a certified breath coach and meditation and mindfulness instructor. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and two little kiddos.

Ayesha Adhami-Magueta is a certified Kane Intentional Communication™ Instructor.

Ayesha came to Intentional Communication to better understand and navigate her experiences through trauma and family estrangement.

While therapy had been effective in working through issues in a counselling setting, she struggled with how to communicate her needs and her truth in relationships – personal and professional – especially in creating and maintaining boundaries.

The program supported her to strengthen her personal foundation while recognizing and interrupting feelings, thoughts and behaviour that were harmful to herself and others.

The transformation Ayesha experienced through the IC program was life-changing and moved her to become an instructor for the Kane Intentional Communication™ Program.
Ayesha is located in Toronto, Canada and holds a Certificate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) from Cornell University. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and is currently training as a Meditation and Yoga instructor and in Somatic techniques.

Erica Anderson is a certified Kane Intentional Communication™ Instructor.

She has a Master’s Degree in Health Education and Active Living from the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, in British Columbia, Canada. Her studies focussed on adaptations of two educational curriculum approaches: ‘Currere’, an autobiographical reflection that ultimately shapes an individual’s self-understanding, and ‘Phronesis’, an ancient Greek word for a type of wisdom or intelligence relevant to practical action, implying both good judgement and excellence of character and habits.

Having engaged in these theoretical studies, Erica sought practical tools to translate theory into practice. She found these tools in the Kane Intentional Communication Training program.

She engaged in the program and found she was able to make profound shifts in all aspects of her life. She broke out of patterns of thought and behaviour that were no longer serving her in meaningful, positive or healthy ways. Default reactions were replaced by thoughtful responses. Feelings of being stuck or stagnant were replaced by visions of opportunity and choices.

As a student, her faith in the program was absolute. What is fulfilling to her now is helping her students experience their own transformations and empower them to live with greater happiness and ease.

When not instructing, Erica spends her time outdoors with her dog, on hiking adventures with friends, and spending time with her two daughters.

Trea Drake is a certified Kane Intentional Communication™ Instructor.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Education, with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis.  He worked in the field of Behavior Analysis for 17.5 years. Trea is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher and a BREATHE Certified Coach.

Trea’s Intentional Communication journey began after he recognized that communication is the foundation upon which our relationships are built, including our relationship with ourselves. He is passionate about helping others transcend conditioned communication patterns that are no longer serving them, and witnessing the development of a new found courage and sense of freedom that results from Intentional Communication.

Before joining team KICI he was a student in the training program!

When he’s not supporting our beloved students in the training program, you can find him teaching in the Krav Maga Houston’s Youth Program, which he developed.

Lindsey Foley is a certified Kane Intentional Communication™ Instructor.

She has a Degree in Career Guidance and Development and certifications in Positive Psychology, Life Coaching, Counseling and Mindfulness.

She values work that empowers and assists others to grow personally and spiritually and to recognize their individual gifts to the world.

She discovered Intentional Communication at a time when she needed expert guidance in communicating her love and needs to her family. Through the program she found her voice and equipped with the awareness and practices to nurture herself fully, she was able to connect more deeply with her husband and children. Misunderstandings and reactions have been replaced with loving responses and connection.

As a student she was so inspired to share the wisdom that was changing her relationships including the one with herself, that she became an instructor to help others experience their own transformations.

Lindsey lives in Northumberland, UK with her husband, two teenage children, their two Patterdale Terriers and two cats. When not instructing she enjoys studying the ancient art of Nine Star Ki and genealogy. She loves walks in nature with her family and dogs.

Rianna Green is a certified Kane Intentional Communication™ Instructor.

She a seasoned meditation practitioner and lifelong learner, teacher, artist, and seeker. She has been on a spiritual path for more than 30 years. Her combined experience and education in the healing arts, working in social services, mentoring in 12-Step programs, leading groups as a meditation instructor and years of her own real-life direct experience (raising a family, working, volunteering, and serving the local and global community) demonstrates her dedication to helping people promote less suffering in the world.

Rianna believes that compassionate speech begins with how we speak to ourselves and how each of us brings that energy out into the world.

As a result of completing the Kane Intentional Communication™ Training Program, she has been able to break through old ingrained damaging habits of communication and shift into speaking clearly, consciously, and concisely.

Vicky Jaspeado is a certified Kane Intentional Communication™ Instructor.

She is a graduate of Daily Life Semiology at the Instituto de Semiología de la Vida Cotidiana and has trained in the areas of Intercultural Communication, Emotional Release Therapy, Dream Interpretation, and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Vicky has over 20 years of experience practicing Meditation. She is a life-long student motivated by the will to live her best life, give the best possible guidance to her three daughters, and share with others the tools that work for her.

Intentional Communication came to her in a moment when she realized there was a disconnect between what she wanted to express and what was actually received. During the program she came to realize that this issue was affecting more areas of her life than she was first aware of and was astonished by the improvement in her relationships -even in those that she did not think needed any improvement!

Seeing the transformation in the lives of every student that she studied with and in her own life convinced her that the Kane Intentional Communication™ Practice works and so became an instructor. She loves to guide students through the program enabling positive change in their lives.

When she is not supporting her students in the training program she studies Hellenistic Astrology, participates in a dreaming interpretation group, and a cinema discussion club. Vicky lives in central Mexico in the charming city of San Miguel de Allende.

Deb Martinez is a certified Kane Intentional Communication™ Instructor.

She has an AA in American Sign Language and English interpreting, a BS in Human Services, and a MA in Public Administration. She is certified as an Integrative Wellness Coach, a Meditation/Mindfulness trainer, and is a RYT 500 Yoga Instructor. She has 10+ years of experience practicing Meditation and 24 years practicing Yoga prior to becoming a teacher. She is a life-long student of learning and has dedicated her life to providing service to and for the greater good of all.

Intentional Communication came to her at a time when she was struggling to have a meaningful relationship with her adult daughter. She quickly learned that the program was much more than finding the right words, it was a window to life changing behaviors, and game changing perspectives. She started out 1:1 with Cynthia and then realized she needed more time to process the information and absorb it. She entered the group training program and then moved on to complete the 1yr mentoring program. After being inspired by the results she saw for herself, those around her, and the other students, she moved into the teacher training program.

Deb is originally from Boston, MA and relocated to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2009. She enjoys yoga, music, hiking, skiing, and spending time with her family and two dogs. She looks forward to sharing her journey, knowledge, and love of the practice with all.