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How to have the power to feel more confident

How we talk to ourselves dictates how we show up and interact with others. So, when we spiral and indulge in negative self-talk, we block our growth, creativity and, ultimately, greater levels of success.

Begin moving to a more positive mindset by looking at what part of the interaction didn’t go as well as you would have liked. See if there are areas for you to improve on, and if so, view it as a learning experience. Remember that the interaction was only one instance of your life. It doesn’t define you.

Once you understand what helps you move into a better mindset, you can see the negative self-talk for what it is — a story that’s not true.

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How to feel more confident by ending negative self-talk

Negative self-talk doesn’t allow us to move, grow or have new experiences. If you know how to move through the negative self-talk, instead of spiraling into thinking this is never going to work out for me, you can learn instead in that moment to say, I am going to choose to move in a direction that feels better for me.

How to be heard and create better conversations

If I say someone will “never” listen to you, you may bristle at that as you recall all the clients who do listen to you. In fact, there may be a thing or two you’d like to set straight with me. One of these is that it’s impossible that clients never listen to you, or you wouldn’t be in business.

What you’re having is a normal reaction to the word “never,” which is what’s known as an absolute word, and it’s a conversation stopper.

When you’re conscious about how you’re expressing yourself, it opens you up to more and better conversations.

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Handling objections: Responding instead of reacting

To be able to handle objections is to connect more on a human level. You want to learn how to respond instead of react. Start a dialogue-what is preventing you from moving forward?