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Lunch & Learn Communication Workshop

Teach your team better communication. 

This lunch & learn is customized to your teams’ needs. Share with us what your challenges are and Cynthia can then create a Lunch & Learn to introduce concepts and practices that can help. 

Examples include; sharing the basics of Kane Intentional Communication™, becoming less reactive and more responsive, how to communicate in a way that creates more diversity, equity and inclusion, handling objections, how to build rapport with clients / staff, how to communicate in a way that builds trust, eliminating negative self-talk so you can be more confident, happy and able to achieve professional and personal goals, what communication styles separate the successful from the not-so successful. 

Full Kane Intentional Communication™ Training Program (KICI) – 15 Weeks

A 15 week group program to learn to communicate in a kind, honest, and helpful way. To help you become less reactive, more in control of your words, and confident navigating difficult interactions with ease.

The training has been brought into businesses to help employers and employees create more connection with each other, clients, and the market. It has helped foster more creativity, productivity, and efficiency within the workplace, and gives each person who goes through it a better sense of themselves, their purpose, and confidence in being able to express themselves and handle confrontation, criticism, and difficult interactions with ease.

In many organizations right now there are not only tough business conversations, but also many difficult conversations regarding the differing views of what’s going on in the world. For example: differing responses to what’s going on in our world politically in regards to gender, generation, socio-economic status, upbringing, abortion, marriage equality, climate change. We help individuals navigate these conversations at work and also know when it’s time to have these interactions or not.  

For employers it’s given them their time back to focus on what their role is instead of working to fix communication challenges within their organizations.

For employees, it’s reduced anxiety and stress, and given them the confidence to start sharing their ideas and also being open to the ideas of others; overall creating a more calm and connected environment.

For solopreneurs it’s helped them connect more personally with their clients, increase their income, and share their message easily and confidently.

This is an online implementation training, with weekly live Q&A calls with Cynthia as well as four 1:1 calls with a private instructor. Participants will receive a training workbook. There is a four month check in call with those who complete the training. 


1:1 Kane Intentional Communication™ Coaching / Consulting

This is for those who would like to work with Cynthia to improve their communication in a 1:1 setting. Here the work is customized to your needs, and we work on the communication challenges that are coming up for you at work, at home, in your day-to-day.

Kane Intentional Communication™ Meditation Series

Monthly or quarterly meditations to improve communication within the workplace. Meditation helps us to become more present, responsive, and focused within our interactions. The meditation sessions are specific to communication challenges and are 15-20 minutes.


For Organizations: If you’re interested in offering a Lunch & Learn, the Introduction to Kane Intentional Communication™, the Full Kane Intentional Communication™ Training Program or the Meditation Series within your company, fill out the application page here.

For Employees: If you have been asked by your company to find a communication training and they provide a professional development stipend, you can fill out the application page here.

For Individuals: If you want to become less reactive and feel more confident and present within your interactions, you can apply for 1:1 work or the full training program here.


And if you have questions you’d like to ask feel free to reach out to us at